Consignment Policies

We require that you sign a contract and open an account with us. We charge a one-time fee of $10 cash or $12 credit card to open an account. Once you have established an account you can bring new items in monthly. Please limit your consignments to 20 of your best items to start. You can only bring in more items after you receive an email noting that your previous items are out on the selling floor.

Some key things to remember when consigning with us are:

Great quality. No stains. No rips. No smells. Laundered or freshly cleaned. WRINKLE free and on hangers. No pilled, worn, shrunken or altered clothing. Items that smell of cigarette smoke will not be accepted. Please note that we will charge a $2 per item steaming fee if your items are wrinkled, or you are welcome to take the item(s) home and bring them back steamed.

Items must be brought into our store on your own personal hangers. These hangers will be returned to you immediately while we go through your clothes. It’s not about the hanger so much as the way the item was brought in. We do not look at clothes shoved, or even folded in a trash bag. We REQUIRE they be brought in on hangers. This also helps avoid the steaming fee as mentioned above.

Ladies name brand clothing (sizes 0 – 16), handbags, shoes, boots, belts, scarves, evening dresses and jewelry. Current styles within the last 3 years AND in the season we are accepting (call store). SR Consignment will make final decision on whether or not an item is accepted and the selling price. Prices are based on what the item (or like item) is selling/SOLD for on Ebay or what we feel will move the item.

We do not take anything from Forever 21, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Costco, Discount stores, Target, Wal-Mart, or any faux designer handbags or items, wedding dresses, out of season items (call store for what season we are accepting). No undergarments, swim suits (unless they have a panty liner) or business suits. With that said, we do like a few vintage items that are “true” classics. We always like to look at what you have.


We will make every effort to sell your items within 70 days. If you decide to pick-up your consigned items before the end of the contract period (70 day), you will be charged $5.00 per item that you remove from the store without exception.

If you select to NOT donate your consignment items that did not sell after the 70 days, it is your responsibility to personally locate your consignment items on the selling floor and bring them to the counter to be checked out of your inventory. Sorry, but we do not assist you in finding your items of the floor as we are to busy to do so. However, to help you locate your items, we will provide you with a print-out of all your remaining items. Once you find all your expired items on the floor, we will scan them out of the store inventory and remove security tags. Items not picked up or found automatically become the property of  SR Consignment and we reserve the right to resell these items or donate them to charity.

Consignor Commission Split:
We offer a commission split of 50% commission when you select to us your earned money as store credit & 40 % commission (to consignor) when you take your earned money in a check.

You can check your balance with any of our employees over the phone or in person during store hours!

For our established consignors we offer a Drop/Dash service. You can drop off any potential consignments any day of the week. However, if you decide to use this service please remember the rules:

1. Any items we decide NOT to take will be donated without exception.

2. We will not save or return your hangers, so use ugly hangers.

3. We DO NOT call you with a list of the items we decided to take.

Safeguard Consignments:
We do our very best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage by customer’s lack of care while trying on in the dressing room or loss due to: fire, flood, smoke, theft or unforeseen damage.

All consignment guidelines are subject to change without notice to the consignor.