How long will my clothes be consigned?

Your items will be out on the selling floor for 70 days per the contract. However they may sit on the floor until we donate them which could be several additional days if we are really busy and don’t get around to scanning them out of the system. However, because all items have a “barcode” the computer will expire the item if it sells after the 70 days, which means the store would receive the money for that sold item. When this happens more than likely the item has been marked down to $5.00.

What happens if my clothes do not sell?

We do all that we can to help you (and us) make money, but sadly some items just don’t ever sell, even for $2. You are more than welcome to pick up your item(s) if you just aren’t ready to part with them yet. Just be AWARE… YOU are required to find your item(s) on the floor once the expiration date is up. We will print a list of item(s) we still have available in our store, and then… the hunt is yours! We have MANY, many, many, MANY items in our store so finding your one item could take some time. It is impossible for us to remember your consignments. For time management purposes we will NOT assist you in finding your items. This may sound a bit mean, but in our experience our time is more wisely spent trying to sell your item(s) than finding them on the floor for you to remove. Any item(s) left after the 70 day period will automatically become the property of Sweeet Repeeet Consignment and we reserve the right to do what we want with these items….this includes reselling them or donating them. If your item(s) did not sell we donate them to Family Assistance Ministries and recycle your item(s) to people who are grateful to get them for free. We however do reserve the right to retag and resell your item under our store account for another 70 days before we give it to FAM.

Can I tell you how much I want for my items?

Sure….but we have found that the consignor’s selling price is often very unrealistic. Our goal is to sell your items and make everyone a little money as well as make a customer really happy because she go such an amazing deal. We will research your item on Ebay under a “sold” listing and price it a bit higher. We always tell our consignors that selling used clothing is very much like driving a new car off the dealer’s lot. The minute you drive away the value of your car dropped to half if not more. Items that have the best return on your investment would be: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutim, Gucci.

Why do I have to pay you to set up an account?

We take great pride in selecting the best of the best from your closet to put in our store to sell and to do so takes time and time is money. The $10 cash or $12 (one time) new account fee we charge is to pay for the processing of your items over time. Each item is handled with care and given a description tag, a security tag, re-steamed, a copy of your contract etc….all of which cost money to do. On average each item cost the store owner $4.75 before it even hits the selling floor.

What if I can’t find my item(s) I want back?

We are so sorry about this, but 90 out of 100 time the item was right in front of you but is often missed when your looking so hard. However, it is possible that the item was stolen. Sadly, we do have people who have [sticky fingers] who visit our store. We do EVERYTHING we can to prevent this from happening, but people who steal are good at it and we just can’t watch everyone every minute. If we determine that the item was stolen, we are very sorry, but we DO NOT pay the consignor on a stolen item. However, if the item shows up you will receive your commission split when sold.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donated items?

Of course. Sweeet Repeeet Consignments will donate to FAM and the first of each year you will receive (from FAM) an itemized list of what we donated to them. Family Assistance Ministries will also provide you with the 301C3 number for your tax reporting. Your itemized list will NOT have a value for your donations, as this is something you and your accountant will work out together.