How Do We Price?

We price off of a “sold listing” on Ebay price. When entering your items into the system, we will look online and see if we can find your specific item, the original price, or the general price the item is being sold for online. We do price with care and do our research, making sure that you get the most money for your item and still keeping our prices reasonable for shoppers to get an amazing deal.


Please remember… consigning isn’t going to make you your first million dollars, and women who shop consignment stores are looking for a deal. Consigning is simply a way to recycle your closet for a little extra cash. Many of our consignors DO end up walking away with a good chunk of change, but it all depends on the quality and brand of the items you consign with us. Please keep in mind… the retail price you paid for that item in the store at the mall or boutique… is NOT the amount you will be receiving for your item after you consign it. Anything used will get a discount. Anything still with tags on it that you never even wore… will be discounted from the original price. Yes, you paid a bundle of money on that new item you don’t love anymore, but to the second person to own that item… they are looking for a DEAL for their new fabulous find! Yes, it is painful to lose money on anything in life, but remember, it can either hang in your closet collecting dust, or be worn by someone else who will love it!


There is not a lot of money in resale clothing. We highly recommend that you hang onto items that have a sentimental value to you or that your price expectation is not equal to ours. So have fun and earn a little extra cash to put in your wallet today and come consign with us!